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My Mission -    The primary mission of THE COMPUTER GUY is to provide a wide-range of Onsite Technology Services to my clients.  The secondary mission is to help the home-user clients, self-employed, and the small to mid-size business user clients by easing some of their anxieties associated with not knowing what they are doing when facing something new or different.  I  do this by focusing on two areas:


2)   TRAINING Services

I cater to the home user because the average person is either intimidated by technology in general or simply lacks the skills and knowledge needed to effectively install their equipment and/or keep their equipment running-there is no shame is not knowing-that's why I'm Help!

I also cater to the self-employed & small to mid-size businesses.  Most smaller companies do not hire a full or even part-time IT person or staff and must contract out IT services, therefore making THE COMPUTER GUY the perfect fit.

All work is performed in the utmost professional manor and confidentiality is held to the highest regards.


Dale Cochrane is a proud Member of the

Paulding County Chamber of Commerce


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